35 DIY MINIATURE FOODS & DRINKS: miniature crafts and diy hacks

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MADE FOR GENERAL AUDIENCES according to YouTube policy.

DIY tutorial of how to make 35 miniature foods and drinks: Coke, Pasta, miniature Starbucks, nutella, water bottle, miniature donuts, and more. DIY tutorial of how to make miniature food.
DIY miniature foods; 5 minute hacks and crafts
DIY miniatures made with recycled materials, such as empty recycled packaging, hot glue, nail polish and acrylic pain, plastic straws, printables, clear plastic and other advanced materials. Intended for general audiences.
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Disclaimer: Dear viewer, on this channel we make DIY tutorials with the use of advanced work and crafting tools, such as hot glue, advanced cutting tools, and so on, which are not intended for the young audiences.