15 Strict Rules Female Gymnasts Have To Follow

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Women's Olympic Gymnastic Rules Are More Strict Than You Could Ever Imagine. From Wardrobe Malfunctions To Pointing Those Toes...

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are fast approaching. With our Team USA gymnastics team blazing the way, headed by all-star Simone Biles, it’s a very exciting time to watch gymnastics competitions. Serious gymnasts must follow strict rules if they want to go for those gold medals. They must always look in control during their routines. Even if they make a mistake, they can’t let it show. Their hair must always be pulled away from their faces. They are only aloud to wear one signature piece of jewelry. Gymnasts use a particular product that has become a staple for all competitors to avoid a certain embarrassing problem with their leotards. They are not allowed to take breaks in between tricks.

They must commit to long practice hours in order to be at their best. A gymnast had better have her checkbook ready if she wants to appeal a judge’s score. It is important to always point your toes. If you forget to point your toes, wobble trying to catch your balance, or fail to move your legs into the correct angle, points will be deducted from your score. Only two gymnasts from each team can qualify for finals, and when they do, they always bring their own shampoo. Bright lipstick is a yes, while bright nail color is a no. There is a strict no-bullying policy. And be careful not to be too excellent. Every female gymnast must adhere to these strict rules if she wants to have a shot at winning the gold.

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