Tesla Model Y Review: Good & Bad After Two Months

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The Tesla Model Y is here, I’ve had it for about two months, and driven 2000 miles, and today I’m giving my full review of the car.

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The Model Y is Tesla’s follow up to the very successful Model 3, announced in March of 2019.

The base Model of the Model Y is set to come out in 2021, and start around $40,000.

I purchased the Long Range AWD Model Y which now starts at $52,990 and gets 316 miles of range.

I also purchased the 20” black Induction wheels which run an extra $2000, as well as the Model Y Red paint upgrade which runs an extra $2000 as well.

Now since I ordered back in October when the prices were a little lower, the total cost of my Model Y came to $55,500, plus the required Tesla Destination fee of $1,200 for a total of $56,700 before tax.

After tax and Registration fees, my Grand total came to: $60,179.75

Regarding music, the Tesla Model Y sound system is incredible, and one of the best systems I’ve heard in any car. Unfortunately, Model Y Spotify integration is pretty terrible.

No more dealership software upgrades. Tesla sends out regular software updates over the air just like you get on your phone or computer.

Regarding Tesla Model Y Safety. Tesla achieved 5 stars in every category for safety, making it the safest car ever tested by the NHTSA. Tesla expects the Model Y to be no different, and we should hopefully hear those results soon.

The standard package includes emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring, but the big two are traffic-aware cruise control, and autosteer.

I recently did a Model Y road trip of 700 miles round trip to Arizona and used autopilot for the majority of the drive, and it was fantastic.

Now if you don’t want autosteer, you can drive with just traffic aware cruise control to maintain your speed, and react to the cars around you while you steer, and I’ve never had an issue with this.

But, if you really want to go for it, and love self driving, you can get Tesla’s full self driving upgrade for an extra $7000.

Tesla’s goal is to have the Model Y, as it is right now, be capable of becoming a Robotaxi within the next couple of years via software updates.

Model Y Launch is amazing at 4.8 seconds 0-60 in my car.

Now the big question with electric cars is…how annoying is it to do Model Y charging? Well, it’s actually the opposite of annoying, it’s incredibly convenient.

It’s missing a good blind spot detection system in the mirrors.
Those mirrors are pretty short, and don’t show you as much as I’d like to see in my mirrors.
The rear visibility is pretty bad, and results in me thinking cars are closer than they really are, since I can only see the top of them.
The center console comes glossy, which means that it has pretty bad glare at certain times of day, and is the definition of a finger print magnet.
The glovebox can only be opened with the button on screen, which is two taps to get to, and the voice command listed on Tesla’s website does not work.
The air conditioning is a little complex to get to and adjust when driving, even though it is overall cool.
The interior ambient lights are almost non-existant, and provide hardly any light
The app can be buggy, leaving me to walk up to the car, open the handle, and have nothing happen, until I then pull out my phone, open the Tesla app, and it unlocks. It also seems to have more difficulty since both mine and my wife’s phones are connected.
Spotify integration is pretty bad as I mentioned before, leading me to not use the app on screen
Auto brights are a little too aggressive for me, turning on when I don’t really need them just because no cars are around. I turned them off.

The bad I have is Model Y Paint issues, Model Y rear seat alignment. There is a bug with the front trunk. The trim is cheap and loose inside, the window didn’t open properly and caused a gash, there are panel gaps, and a few other alignment issues.

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