Can my Honda Civic Keep Up? LET'S GO | POV Canyon Drive

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The Budget Honda Civic Build goes on its FIRST canyon drive POV style! We put the budget suspension to the test to keep up with cars MUCH FASTER than mine! Let’s DO THIS!

This is the hardest I have driven the Honda Civic in my ownership. Trying to keep up with a Lamborghini, GTR’s, Evo’s, Turbo Porsche’s, and a 2020 Supra was not easy for a stock Civic. These mountain roads were beat to hell with potholes, rocks, and sand EVERYWHERE. This was a big test for the TruHart $500 coilover suspension to see how well the Civic could perform in turns and bumps. Unfortunately the camera angle made it look much less exciting than it was, so you’ll have to trust me on that! Regardless, the budget suspension exceeded my expectations and made these roads a BLAST to drive!

The BIGGEST issue the Civic has was the rubbing problem in the turns. My fenders are not rolled and the wider wheel and tire setup suffered without more camber. Fortunately the tires and my fenders were ok, but I collected a good amount of rock chips to make up for it lol. Overall, I can’t wait to dial in the suspension on the Civic more and installed the camber kits to get better clearance in the corners. It’s not always about having the fastest straight line car, but something that can handle well in tight turns! Most of the mods so far have put me on the right path to a better handling and MORE FUN Honda Civic. Eventually, a motor swap will make another huge difference along with brakes. But in the meantime, the SOHC Vtec d16y8 is holding up great!

Thanks for watching!

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