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Get pumped! We're finally doing our first two-round Roto mock draft for the 2021 Fantasy Baseball season! But first, how much should 2020 production matter for 2021 drafts (1:55)? ... With that, Scott White is on the clock with the first overall pick (4:21)? Should it be Mike Trout? How about Fernando Tatis? Somebody else? ... Speaking of Tatis, he went where (8:52)!? ... Shane Bieber or Jacob deGrom in 2021 (10:59)? Scott and Frank seem to disagree. ... Recapping the first round, where did names like Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger fall to (19:53)? Is Trea Turner still a first-round pick? ... Would you rather have Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer (26:55)? Did Scherzer go too late? ... Let's take a final look at our first two-round mock draft for 2021 (36:29). Which players did we miss and who were the honorable mentions? ... We're answering your mailbag questions (41:34)! ... Email us at [email protected]



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