MIRACLES - North Georgia Revival - Pastor Todd Smith

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God showed Pastor Todd Smith a vision of flames on top of the baptistry waters at Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA. When he asked God what it meant, the Lord told him that when people got into the water, He was going to baptize them not only with water, but with fire.

Miracles followed. Healings followed. Confession, repentance, and Holy Spirit Baptism followed. Now running for over 70 weeks, the revival is still in full force! Pastor Todd explains how they prayed and prepared for revival before God began pouring out His precious Spirit and blessing people in amazing ways.

God has moved in amazing ways. More than 7,000 people have now come from all over the United States to take part in the amazing revival at a small church in a tiny little town in Georgia!

Take part in the revival or attend the pastors and leaders conference coming up this August! Watch the video for more details!


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