World's Hardest Lockdown/Post Scorer asked for a final $2000 wager, and I accepted.

Gaming 1:30:02
720p 360p 160k 128k
1,478,492 48,838 882

Remember these guys? Some of the cheesiest players in the world had grown massive egos since our last wager, and they saw themselves as the best. When they asked me for a final $1000 wager ($2000 pot), I couldn't say no. I decided this would be my last attempt at trying to beat them in NBA 2K20, so I ask you to sit back, grab your snacks, and enjoy one of the greatest shows of 2K you will ever see.



Jakob Ahlbom - Fracture
Christian Andersen - Disciples of Sun Tzu
Experia - Deep Breath
Experia - Wonder Machine
Christian Andersen - Searching for Saka
Dream Cave - Time Waits for No One
Ever So Blue - Demure
Evan King - Enchiridion
Per Kiilstofte - The Hyperborean Menace
Wendel Scherer - Coyotes
Jay Varton - Distance
Alec Slayne - Memento Mori
Per Kiilstofte - Setting Sail
Darren Curtis - The Brotherhood
Trailer Worx - Temple of Sacrifice
Miguel Johnson - Pirates out for Blood
Per Kiilstofte - Incursion
Edward Karl Hanson - Cease Fire
Jon Bjork - Another Hero
Candelion - It Won't Be Me
Reynard Seidel - Hypogeal
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Lethal Secrets
John Abbot - A March Across Ancient Land
Experia - Smoke and Ashes
Jon Bjork - The Rain Must Fall
Christian Andersen - Incendiary Treasures
Hampus Naeselius - Gus Trickle
Hampus Naeselius - Signal to Noise
Hampus Naeselius - Impulse
Makai Symphony - Dragon Castle
Max Anson - Carabiner
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - The Unveiling
Jay Varton - First Second
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Infiltrator
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Cloak
Curved Mirror - We Are the Visitors
Johannes Bornlof - Hunger, Thirst
Robert Ruth - Welcome to Wasteland
Jon Bjork - Death Trial
Max Anson - A Slight Advantage
Hector Posser - Heroes Will Fall