Bringing The Bandits Treasures Together! What Will Happen Next?! The Beach House

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Last we were together with That YouTub3 Family we saw some very old petroglyphs and deciphered that we need to bring all the bandits treasures and cash together for something amazing to happen! ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK TO SEE MORE ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

After returning from our trip to Disneyland in California, we come home to find our house is surrounded by bandits trying to break in and steal all our treasures! We are able to slip past them and grab the unicorn horn and the scarab necklace and get out quick! Just then, Mr. E sends us an urgent message telling us about a safehouse we can go to and meet up with That YouTub3 Family! It's time to gather all the treasures once and for all! What is going to happen now!

The Beach House is a fun family channel where the Beach Family post daily videos of their adventures throughout life! Mostly we do treasure hunts, skits, games, challenges, and other family fun activities together! Thanks for joining us and we hope you love our videos!




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Welcome to The Beach House. We post daily vlogs!

We are a family of 6 with very large extended families who are often coming over to hang out! We love being together, going on adventures, and making fun tutorials on Pins and Things! We homeschool our kids too and share some tips too!

Rebecca - age 29 (MOM) - Learn More About Rebecca here:

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Elizabeth - age 5 (DAUGHTER) - Interests are playing with her dolls, dancing, wearing dresses, collecting Disney princesses, and getting her hair done.

Charles - age 3 (SON) - Interests are Running around yelling, Following his siblings everywhere, and gnawing on apple or anything he finds on the floor.

Ryan - age 30 (UNCLE) - Learn More About Ryan here:

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