Most Successful Country by won Summer Olympics Medals - 137 Countries compared

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The video shows how many medals each country/nation had won during Olympic summer games. Every not listed country hasn’t won any medal during Olympic summer games and is automatically ranked 138.

red - former National Olympic Committees (NOC)
green - current official NOC


*Brunei shouldn't be on the list, they never won medals, sry for that.*

- Medals won by historic NOCs are mostly added to their successor state.
- The medal count does not include the 1906 Intercalated Games, because they are not recognized by the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) as official Games.
- Data from: 02.06.2019

Source and Methodology:

The IOC does not publish all-time medal tables, so I counted the number of medals of each committee from the IOC database:

The countries are ranked by the number of won gold medals, followed by the number of silver and bronze medals.


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