Why Good Relationships Turn Bad

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Why Good Relationships Turn Bad

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Today, I want to share with you what I think is the biggest reason that good relationships turn bad and I'm doing this because I want to help you because I get a lot of messages and I've experienced this myself of the pain when you are in a relationship and it is struggling. Or sometimes, even worse, when you wish hadn't ended; it can be very devastating. And so I want to share what I've sort of seen and learned in order to help you if you're in a relationship and perhaps navigate down a different path. And if you're not in a relationship, in your next one, hopefully, you can get it started on the right foot because what I'm sharing with you I see as the underlying reason that relationships go bad is, yes, there's cheating, there's distrust, there's resentment, and all that stuff builds up but I think it comes from a soil — the wellspring

The myth that someone can come make us happy, which is so powerful, because we start from a place of feeling a deep black wouldn't be something that was at all able to be sold to you if you didn't feel like you were incomplete to start with.

04:10 A marketed myth in America about relationships
07:13 And Charlie's answer to that
09:45 Epic relationship questions you should check out
10:52 Action guide whether you're dating and in a relationship or just had a breakup

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