Canadian trying American snacks : DIPPIN' DOTS RAINBOW ICE

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Canadian trying American snacks :
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Trying American snacks
Trying American candies
American candies
American snacks
American candy
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American treats
Canadian trying American treats
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Id like to think that Im adventurous , at least when it comes to trying out new flavours and foods. DIPPIN’ DOTS recently opened a branch in our city and I was very excited to try their products fr the first time ever. DIPPIN’ DOTS is a special ice cream maker that uses liquid nitrogen to make ice cream and other frozen desserts. I got a medium bowl of their DIPPIN’ DOTS RAINBOW ICE. RAINBOW ICE is a NO DAIRY little colourful pebbles of ice. the DIPPIN’ DOTS RAINBOW ICE looks a lot like the NERDS candy and it also has a similar to NERDS flavour as well, except its slightly less tangy and more sweet . This is not creamy at all since its just pure ice with no dairy at all. The DIPPIN DOTS’ RAINBOW ICE is a mix of fruity tangy and sweet flavours. The flavours that my taste buds recognized were lemon zest , orange zest , banana , cherry and blue raspberry.

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