Giant Angry Alaskan Malamute Guard Dog (The Savage Side Of Phil!)

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So you asked for it and you got it. Who would have thought there was a savage side to this giant cuddly teddy bear! Someone asked recently if the dogs are trained to attack/guard on command? While they were not specifically trained, they had a natural affinity to guard their property and whilst I used to try and stop them Shane told me not to and rewarded them. You see, we have a driveway, and as many of you will know we then have a separate side gate to which the dogs stay behind. When they are allowed out the front however they bark at people that walk on our side of the road only while they are passing our driveway gates. We don't live in the most affluent area (to say it nicely) so its comforting that people saw these giant dogs protecting Shane's motorbike that used to stay on the driveway!
Phil has a select few people that he really doesn't like! and this video is one of them, despite knowing Derek from a puppy his whole life he really does not like him! However, that said, if we tell him to be nice or Derek comes in the house he is fine and will leave him alone. If we tell him to get him he will start on him again, It's a handy trick really.
Outside of his property he is the friendly loveable teddy bear you all know, even to Derek if it's on the park etc. He just has a natural instinct to assert dominance on his property which we see as a positive. It's hilarious that as soon as you open the gates it changes.
Oh and just to mention, it's only really men that we have ever seen this with.

Let us know if your dog reacts the same way and what you would do if this polar bear chased you

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