SPY NINJAS NEWS - MR E identity REVEAL?! Test Results to Help Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint

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Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint and the Spy Ninjas Daniel, Regina and PZ9 Melvin have been receiving calls from a mystery person called Mr E. Mr E has been sending the Spy Ninjas on missions to solve clues in order to reveal Regina and Melvin's parents names and locations. We don't know much about Mr E so far, but we do know that he's not working for Project Zorgo and he told Chad Wild Clay that he wants to help the Spy Ninjas. Everyone is trying to figure out who Mr E could be, including The Phantoms. I received a call from The Phantoms and they say they've identified that Mr E has a unique accent. The Phantoms asked me to help them by completing a test. The test involved me repeating some strange words. When the test was complete, I was shocked at the results. The Phantoms think I am Mr E! It appears Mr E has the same accent as me, which is very weird. I think someone could be trying to frame me, so if you want to help clear my name, make sure to check out the Spy Ninjas latest videos for clues and maybe we can figure out who Mr E really is!

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