How to Find Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Strong with Stephan Speaks and Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes
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Stephan Labossiere a.k.a Stephan Speaks is a certified relationship coach, speaker, and author. From understanding the opposite sex to navigating the paths and avoiding the pitfalls of relationships and self-growth, Stephan’s relationship advice and insight help countless individuals achieve an authentically amazing life.

Seen, heard and chronicled in national and international media outlets including; the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Examiner, ABC, and Huffington Post Live, to name a few. To coin a phrase by an individual who attended one of his speaking engagements, “he’s definitely the relationship guy, all relationships all the time.”

Stephan talks about how important it is to heal before you get into a relationship. Otherwise, you’re going to be projecting your past hurt onto your partner.

He says that the most important part of every relationship is connection. Connection will bring chemistry.

So get ready to learn all about the things that make a romantic relationship last on Episode 730.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The number one thing holding people back from successful relationships (10:00)
Why men ruin relationships more than women (18:00)
How abstinence helped Stephan see things more clearly (20:00)
The things that every great relationship needs (23:00)
About the “Who Hurt Me” List (39:00)
The attitude many women have that pushes men away (44:00)
The truth about open relationships (58:00)
The one thing that Stephan wishes men knew about women (1:13:00)

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Lewis Howes' New Book - The Mask of Masculinity
Lewis Howes is an NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast. Learn and hear the stories of various successful people around the world, become inspired, motivated and educated with the SCHOOL OF GREATNESS.

How to Find Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Strong with Stephan Speaks and Lewis Howes

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