Bandits On The Run - Jam in YOUR Van Live Feed Fundraiser #StayHome and Van #WithMe

Jam In The Van
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Join Bandits On The Run in their Van for an intimate and interactive acoustic live stream. Let's come together while we are apart.
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In light of current developments around the globe Jam in the Van is looking for new ways to continue to support the music community at large. So we invited bands to Jam from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle while helping us raise money in support of a charitable cause. With concerts and events canceled across the country and globe, the music community needs help. Come together while we are apart. Donate today!

#Stayhome and Van #WithMe

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*** About Jam in the Van***

Jam in the Van ==== Where music takes a whole new road.
We will be traveling anywhere accessible by road to find and record intimate musical experiences for our fans. If you are interested in our cause let us know.

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