6 Mischievous Tricks & Pranks - for April Fools'

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So you want to cause a little mischief, do you? Here are 6 super easy tricks to get you started.
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Download the drive through prank sign here:

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Magic Mud:
Soda Tab Chains:
Matchstick Gun:
Gravity Puzzle:

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These projects and results are depictions of my own personal experiences. Although these pranks are intended to be harmless, your results may vary depending on your location, and modifications to project ideas. There may be risks associated with some of these projects that require adult supervision, and possibly others that I'm not aware of. You assume all risk and any consequences caused by your actions.

Music By: (Engulfing Shadows)

Project Inspired By:

HouseHold Hacker's "Quick and EVIL April Fools' Pranks".

Project History & More Info:

In this video you'll see how to;

-Frustrate people who can't live without the remote control
-Rig a toilet to leave a surprise on the next flush
-Prank a local drive through
-Play a joke on junk mail companies
-"Genetically modify" a bunch of bananas
-Freak someone out with 3 cups of juice