THE POWER OF LOVE: Back to the Future The Musical w/ Introduction from Roger Bart

Josh Gad
Entertainment 4:17
720p 360p 160k 128k
113,176 3,232 78

Great scott! Sing, dance, and join the cast of Back to the Future The Musical as they perform for Reunited Apart. Now with never-before-seen introduction from the musical's very own Doc Brown - Roger Bart!

Olly Dobson
Aidan Cutler
Rosanna Hyland
Cedric Neal
Jack Small
Will Haswell
Cameron McAllister
Mitchell Zhangazha
Justin Thomas
Oliver Ormson
Nathanael Landskroner
Owen Chaponda
Emma Lloyd
Katharine Pearson
Rhianne Allyne
Alessia McDermott
Laura Mullowney
Courtney-Mae Briggs
Jemma Revell
Amy Barker
Bethany Rose Lythgoe
Steve Holness
Rob Eckland
Duncan Floyd
Ollie Hannifan
Iestyn Jones
Chris Draper
Jess Wood
Lauren Weavers
Simon Marsh
Richard Ashton
Pablo Mendelssohn
Graham Justin
Simon Minshall

Musical Director: Jim Henson

Musical Supervisor and Arrangement: Nick Finlow

Orchestrations: Bryan Crook and Ethan Popp

Producer: Colin Ingram

General Manager: Phoebe Fairbrother

Sound Engineer: Niall Acott

Editing: Dewynters