NFL News & Rumors: Latest On Gronk, Trent Williams, 2020 NFL Draft Trades, Henry Ruggs, Percy Harvin

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The latest NFL news and rumors is around the return of Rob Gronkowski, Trent Williams, The Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, 2020 NFL Draft trades, Henry Ruggs, and Percy Harvin. Normally the only NFL rumors the day before the 2020 NFL Draft would be solely draft related but when Gronk comes out of retirement to join Tom Brady, everything is thrown out the window. Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz host of NFL Daily walks you through the today’s NFL news & rumors.

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2020 NFL Draft is tomorrow and there are a ton of NFL Draft rumors on potential trades that could happen. Is a team trying to trade up to #2 with the Redskins? Could the Dolphins trade up to #3? Are the Panthers looking to trade down?

NFL Draft Hats:

Henry Ruggs has been linked to 4 teams according to a report. Those teams are the Las Vegas Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Will the Eagles have to trade up to get Ruggs?

Percy Harvin is back in NFL circles since he is trying to return to the NFL. What are the chances that happens?

Today’s NFL News & Rumors discussed on the show:
Rob Gronkowski’s impact on Super Bowl 55
Trent Williams trade coming?
Redskins trading pick #2?
Dolphins Trading Up to #3?
Panthers Trading Down?
Who will draft Henry Ruggs?
Percy Harvin returning to the NFL?

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Chat Sports will breakdown all the latest signings, news and rumors as they happen today! There is plenty of NFL News on signings as well as trades as the NFL gets wild in the off-season.

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