Former Patient States, First Virus Outbreak May Have Started in October | CCP Virus | COVID-19

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A woman from Wuhan, named Ms. Wang suspects that she might’ve contracted the CCP virus as early as October 2019 when she developed CCP virus symptoms and had to be admitted to the hospital. After recovering, she tried to contact her doctor but she was not able to reach her, and even the head nurse who helped treat Ms. Wang began to deny the existence of her doctor or that they were in any way involved in treating her.

00:38 Former Patient States, First Virus Outbreak May Have Started in October

04:37 Athletes Might Have Contracted Virus During Military World Games

09:43 Investors Commit Suicide After Becoming Victims of Investment Fraud

13:25 South Korean Professors Suggest Rejecting the CCP

16:07 Price Gouging Amid Pandemic in China’s Northeast

20:25 Chinese Regime is a Bigger Threat to the US than Russia
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21:58 Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

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