My $1500 Honda Civic Transformation | Before & After

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This is the long awaited Honda Civic update video that you've been asking for! With a little time and very little money, I show you how I made a clean daily driver.

A little over a year ago I bought this 1999 Civic Ex for $1500 at a local dealership. It had a wrecked fender, missing mirror, and the interior was absolutely disgusting. Over the course of the year I replaced some damaged parts, did some DIY rattle can spray paint, detailed the interior, paint correction and coating on the exterior, and added some tasteful visual mods such as the replica Civic Type R front lip, EM1 Spoiler, HID bulbs, etc. Other mods included a stereo, subwoofer, amplifier, and AEM intake.The goal was to spend as little money as possible and make a noticeable before and after.

You don't have to have a lot of money to have a "clean" looking car. It all comes down to how to budget the money and making use of resources like eBay and local classifieds. I was able to transform the look of the car for around $500 dollars and add some additional mods for around $300. Not only is the car more fun to drive, but I get tons of compliments on the civic for how clean it is compared to the 90% of other civic's out there.I do have to remind them that it is a Ex model rather than a EM1 though haha. I hope this video is helpful for those who want to transform a civic in the future or start a cheap project car. I'm sure there will be more things I'll do to the car in the future, but this is my official one year review video on the progress I've made!