Stop Motion Cooking - Halloween 2020 Making Nail Supplies Rainbow Croissant ASMR 4K Experiment

Stop Motion Cooking
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Stop motion cooking Halloween 2020 - Making Rainbow Croissant from Nail Supplies ASMR 4k Funny food experiment. Satisfying cake cutting
Thanks for watching this funny cooking video! All stuff are toys and fake. Don't try this at home

👉 Warning: This is not real, just a stop motion video. Don't try at home! All performances are scripted content.

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Welcome to Stop Motion Cooking!
I hope you have a great time when enjoy movies stop motion cooking!
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Producer & Director - Anh Ngoc
Scriptwriter - Hoa Dieu
Animator - Hoa Mai
Editer & Sound designer - Minh Ngo
Production Designer - Hong Phan, Thanh Tran, Phan Nguyen
System Developer - Hoang Nguyen

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