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About 100 candy melts (number and colours are up to you!) I used about 100 for a 9x13" cookie sheet
1.5 lbs white chocolate or candy melts
2 cups roasted almonds (more or less to taste).

Cover a cookie sheet with rim or baking dish that is 9x13" with aluminum foil. You can use a rimless cookie sheet too.
Place candy melts flat side down on the cookie sheet arranging them in whatever pattern you like. You can crowd them together or leave space in between, that's up to you!
Place the cookie sheet in an oven on "warm" about 170F for 6 minutes or until candy melt are softened and look shiny.
Melt 14 oz (1.5lbs) of white candy melts or white chocolate. I did mine on the stove on low, stirring often. You can use the microwave on 50% power (or defrost), but make sure you stir them often because hot spots will form and they will scorch easily.
I find the stove the best method for this amount of candy melts.

Pour the melted white chocolate (or candy melts) over the polka dots. Gently smooth using a spatula, being careful not to squish or deform the softened polka dots or to move them around too much.
Sprinkle with toppings, I used roasted salted almonds in mine.

Refrigerate until firm. Remove foil and break or cut into pieces.
Store in the refrigerator if you live in a warm climate.

Recipe idea found on the Wilton website.


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