10 Sneaky Loud House Relationship Theories That Make Sense

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Loud House theories about relationships between the characters!


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“The Loud House” is unlike any cartoon we’ve ever seen, and that’s probably because they’ve managed to capture exactly what a real family is like. While they might be loud - they’re equally proud - which helps them make it through their daily challenges with their heads held high. Lincoln Loud didn’t ask to be born into a chaotic family. But, believe it or not, the boy brings balance to his family’s hectic lifestyle.
Being the middle child and only boy is hard enough as it is, but add 10 more siblings to the mix and things are bound to get interesting. Would you believe us if we told you that some of our favorite “Loud House” characters are currently sneaking around to go on dates? Well, you should because we have some outstanding evidence against them. Tune in to find out which “Loud House” characters want to become more than friends.


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