10 Interview RIDDLES || Episode #1 || Frequently asked Job Interview RIDDLES

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Most frequently asked JOB INTERVIEW RIDDLES. Quick and Tricky Riddles that will surely surprise you. This is the first episode of the interview riddles series.
Make sure you pause the video after every riddle statement, and try to solve it yourself.

Puzzle Vs Riddle : A Riddle is different than a puzzle and its designed to check your presence of mind. It doesn't involve complicated calculation, but you can solve it only if you pay close attention to the statement of the riddle.
You can find Interview Puzzles and difficult logical puzzles generally asked in Puzzle competitions, on my channel.

List of the Riddles covered in this Episode#1:
1 - Old man 17th Birthday Riddle.
2 - Snail and Wall Riddle.
3 - 12 matchstick Riddle.
4 - The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.
5 - Can you find the mistake.
6 - Buffalo crossing the street Riddle.
7 - Guess the Mathematical Symbol Riddle.
8 - Correct the Equation Riddle.
9 - Can you find the mistake again.
10 - Criminal choice Riddle.
+1 Bonus Riddle.

The video explains the solution to all the Riddles and the Logic behind.

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