Project Zorgo Roast Rap Battle Royale vs SPY NINJAS Hacker Music Video

Project Zorgo
Entertainment 2:14
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We create a music video where we rap a diss track on Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel, Regina, and PZ9. Starring PZ715 from Wisconsin, PZ409 the cleaning hacker, PZ314 the nerdy smart hacker, PZ Funf (PZ5) from Germany, and PZ44 from New York.

Help us hack the SPY NINJAS Network

We will soon have control of these entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

123 GO! - FUNNY AWKWARD MOMENTS || Relatable Everyday Situations for Girls by 123 GO!

Preston - First to Find UNSPEAKABLE wins $10,000!

Stephen Sharer - LAST TO STOP SLIDING WINS $10,000!! (New Backyard Waterslide Challenge)

FaZe Rug - Eat the Spicy Food, Win the Lamborghini - Spicy Food Challenge

Team Edge - The Youtuber RAGE Race Challenge!!

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