Dr Phil Thought He'd Seen It All Until She Appears...

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Dr Phil Thought He'd Seen It All Until...

The Dr Phil show has risen to become a prefered syndicated talk show enjoyed by many across the globe. The type of cases he handles are somehow bizarre and some even seem to be shocking beyond belief leaving him speechless. Today we focus on such scenarios where Dr Phil is left wondering what he REALLY got himself into. From a fertility doctor with over 70 biological students to a Christian boarding school abusing students. Stick around to watch the drama unfold!
5. Terrorized by Technology: Held Hostage by Our Smart Homes
Brooklyn and Arjun say their smart homes endangered their children; Hank, who hacked another man's system, tells why he did it; a cybersecurity expert shows ways hackers access sensitive information and how to keep safe in the cyberworld. Technology has made our lives easier but sometimes they make it a living hell. These families tell Dr Phil their horror stories when their home security cameras got hacked. Brooklyn, Arjun, and Andy all say they had the terrifying experience of having their smart home devices hacked.

For Arunj, his case was even featured in the news as he got to talk to the hackers and get part of the video recording on his phone which went viral. He was scared as to how evil one could be because not only did the hacker take control over his system they also tampered with the thermostat raising the temperatures to 90 degrees while his 7-month-old son was asleep.
He knew they were hackers when he heard man’s voice in his 7-month-old son’s bedroom coming from a security camera. “It sounded like they were saying obscenities, so I barged in and I picked him up and I noticed he was soaked,” says Arjun, claiming the hacker had raised the thermostat in his home to 90 degrees!!! Had he wasted any more minutes, this would be another story to tell. “I’m lost for words when I have to express just how that made me feel,” he says.

Brooklyn and her husband, Eddie, say they felt violated after their smart home devices were hacked and their privacy invaded. Brooklyn says she was home alone with her three children the first time she heard unfamiliar voices speaking to her 8-year-old daughter through a security camera in the living room. She called her husband and police, then took the kids and left. Two weeks later, she says, they contacted her through social media, threatening to “take action” against her. “I don’t know who these people are. I have this fear that they are anywhere and everywhere,” says Brooklyn, noting she’s been terrified to leave the house. Eddie claims that two weeks after the initial incident, he received a voice message threatening Brooklyn’s life.
“Normal people walk around feeling safe. And when you don’t feel safe any longer, it changes everything,” he says. Dr Phil was able to calm the couple down after uncovering the identity of their hacker who was a 17-year-old boy miles away!

All these people never had the opportunity to see their hackers apart from Andy who got to face Hank, his hacker that lived in Canada. Hank explained his point of view and was sorry for what he did to Andy but since then, Andy took down all his camera’s since his privacy was compromised. The episode ends with, cybersecurity expert aka “the world’s most famous hacker” Kevin Mitnick demonstrating some methods hackers use to access sensitive information and gives valuable tips to keep yourself safe in the cyberworld. Who is also, by the way, Hank’s role model!
4. I Will Do and Steal Anything to Be Bad and Boujee

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