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Dots Assorted Fruit Flavored Gumdrops - 7oz

Dots, or Mason Dots (trademarked DOTS), is a brand of gum drops marketed by Tootsie Roll Industries, which claims that "since its 1945 launch," the candy has become "America's...#1 selling gumdrop brand."[1] According to advertisements, more than four billion dots are produced from the Tootsie Roll Industries Chicago plant each year.[2]

According to PETA, Dots are vegan,[3] and according to the Tootsie Roll Industries website, they are gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and kosher[4] (officially certified kosher by the Orthodox Union as of December 1, 2009).[5][6]

Dots - The snacking staple for both moviegoers and candy enthusiasts everywhere! These delightful chewy treats come in five different flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange.

Since its launch in 1945, DOTS has firmly established itself as America’s favorite, #1-selling gumdrop brand, with a passionate following among candy lovers of all ages. A snacking staple for both moviegoers and candy enthusiasts everywhere, its extraordinary popularity—Tootsie produces more than 4 billion DOTS annually from its Chicago plant—places it clearly among the most recognized, iconic candies.

The delightfully chewable, cone-shaped treats are available in tasty yet diverse varieties: Original, Tropical, Sour, and Holiday blends.

Original DOTS offer a traditional, well-balanced blend of mixed fruit flavors, including Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange.

Tropical DOTS, launched in 2003, offer five exotic fruit flavors—Island Nectar, Wild Mango, Grapefruit Cooler, Carambola Melon, and Paradise Punch—that satisfy the most discriminating sweet tooth cravings.

Sour DOTS come in a fruity blend of flavors, including Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Grape, covered in sour crystals that bite back!