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More than a dozen US cities have imposed night-time curfews as protests rage over the death of George Floyd in police custody. DW's Stefan Simons spent the night covering the story in Minneapolis. On two separate occasions he and his crew had encounters with the authorities while doing their jobs as reporters. In the first incident, Stefan told us the police shot at him.
Curfews are in force right now in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta among other places. The unrest has been escalating across the country. Demonstrators took to the streets for the fifth straight day, demanding justice for George Floyd AND an end to police violence against minorities. While many protests have been peaceful, some demonstrators have set police cars on fire and there have been incidents of looting. In Minneapolis, where the protests began, police have massed in large numbers and deployed tear gas and rubber bullets to clear demonstrators breaking an 8 pm curfew.


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