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Try to solve these 8 tricky riddles with answers and subscribe for more brain exercises: 😼 These luxury life problems will confuse your brain and make you think really hard! Solving riddles is a proven way to boost your logical skills. So if you want to increase your IQ, get right into solving these cool brain teasers. Test your smarts and share how many answers you got right in the comments below!

00:23 - Give your brain a boost with this first brain teaser! Katie: “I’m Katie, and this man’s my husband! I took our kids out of town to my parents’ for the week. But we rushed back as soon as you called.” Policeman: “This means one of the servants attacked your husband. Let’s question them!” The policeman made the arrest. Who did he arrest?

01:53 - Boost your attentiveness with this riddle! Luckily, Evan was fine. But his family was so worried! His daughter Sarah went to a beauty know, to relax a bit. It was fancy, elite...expensive. Sarah felt completely safe... She even fell asleep during her manicure. When she woke up, her wallet was gone! Sarah called the police immediately. The salon workers were scared... They said they didn’t see the thief. A policeman examined the salon and spotted the criminal. Do you see her?

03:04 -This logic riddle will test your intelligence! Sarah called her boyfriend to come get her. Jacob rushed over. He drove so fast...he almost got into an accident! Jacob: “A car pulled out in front of me. We almost crashed, but I swerved just in time! The other guy crashed into a lamp post. He took one look at my expensive car... and said it was all my fault...I should pay for everything!” Driver: “I was driving really carefully. My wife and I were talking about our vacation. And now we can’t go anywhere because of you!” Jacob: “I can prove it was his fault. Do you know how?”

04:39 - Another riddle on crime to boost your brain! Sarah and Jacob went to their friend’s party. Lily was turning 18! The party was awesome, but Lily felt that something was wrong. Suddenly the music got quiet and the lights went out. When they came back on... Lily was lying on the floor! No one had come in or out of the room. Who hurt Lily?

06:09 - Test your analytical skills right now! Kate told her parents about the party. They were mad! Kate told them not to worry... Lily was fine. But still...parents... The next day Kate got home like 5 minutes biggie. Her father freaked! He told the butler: Father: “Don’t let Kate out of the house until tomorrow morning!” The next morning, Kate’s father asked if she went out last night. The butler said Kate spent the night in the mansion. The father looked at Kate’s wardrobe... The butler was lying. How did he know?

07:48 - Test your IQ! Kate’s father told the story to his friend Terrence. Terrence: “Yeah, you gotta be careful. Liars and cheaters everywhere! My friend Maurice almost lost all his money! Maurice put all his money into a poker game and lost! It even made it on the news! They posted a photo of him and the other players on their website. I saw it and told Maurice that the game was rigged! He had to get revenge!” How did Terrence know the game was rigged?

08:51 - This tricky riddle will test your critical thinking! Maurice didn’t want to tell his wife... She didn’t know he liked to gamble! So he decided to stage a robbery. When his wife came home, she found him unconscious on the table. Maurice woke up and said that he was writing a letter. He was attacked from behind and lost consciousness. His wife didn’t believe him! Why?

09:55 -The last puzzle to boost your brain to the max! Maurice confessed... But his wife turned to the police. Harsh! She proved that Maurice was tricked in the poker game. Then she banned him from playing cards! She said he should do some charity work instead. They found several posts online. There were 2 big families that needed money. But which family is actually poor?

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