9 Helpful Tips For New Skateboarders

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Hello once again my skate or die skaters. And Welcome back to another video. Ive been skating for a while and ive found a few tips and tricks that will defiantly make you into a better skater no doubt about it. In this video we are going to expore __ helpful tips that I can give to you in order for you to improve your skating. Sence I know a lot of you are beginners based on the comments on some of my videos I think giving you this knolage will help you turn into the aurelien Giraud worshiping fine skater I know you can be. Some of these will incude how to crack those steezy treflip’s and how to pick up cuties at the skate park. Just kidding I don’t know how to do any of those things, I ride a henti skateboard and I obviously live in my moms basement.
(just as a note this video is made to help complete beginner to intermediate skaters and if you watch the whole video I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll learn something new)
So without further adue lets jump right into this video.

1. Get the right skateboard
a. Getting the right skateboard is essential to learning how to skateboard and making sure you have a good setup can improve your skateboarding. A place I recommend getting your board is from our sponsor they have good quality boards and completes at a price that doesn’t break your wallet you can check them out with the link in the description. And if don’t have a job and have no money you can join our giveaway, (more info about that at the end of the video).
b. Now I know a lot of you don’t have that much money but Riding a cheap setup will be the same as buying a deck from Walmart/Toy R' Us. It just won't be worth it and you won't be able to do tricks. And if you go to a skate park, Every skater there will keep telling you that.
c. But don’t worry I have a solution for you, you can often find used boards on craigslist, and offer up, you can find it on eBay too but Its better to see the board in person to make sure it’s in ridable condition.
d. You can also go to thrift stores such as Goodwill, those stores sell used clothing and items super cheap that were all donated for free. I've seen videos on YouTube where people find slightly used completes that are 120-150USD for 9.99USD. so if you are low on money and have some spare time its worth it to check those out.
2. Get the right shoes
a. This is the same as getting the right skateboard. having the right shoes will not only improve your skateboarding progression, but it will actually cost you less to buy real skate shoes over time. Because if your skateboarding in non-skateboarding shoes they will wear out with only a few ollies.
b. Now for beginners I recommend getting high tops because it will prevent your board hitting your ankle and ruining your sesh and it will also reduce the chance of you rolling your ankle.
c. Once again if you are low on money and cant afford to buy brand new shoes your best bet is to go to a thrift store, I’ve personally bought shoes from there before with my friends and we’ve gotten basically brand new skate shoes that would cost over $80-$100 for $10-20 bucks.
3. Get a mentor
a. When most people start off skateboarding they tend to have some weird thing they do that they don’t even realize. And if you don’t have someone to help you stop doing that it can turn into a habit and really stunt the progress of your skating.
c. For example I personally had a bad habit of leaning forward over the board when doing tricks, this caused me to be unbalanced and I couldn’t land anything for months.
d. Because my friend spotted me and saw what I was doing wrong to help me correct my posture when skateboarding he had be just practice pumping in a bowl, when I first started I was really shaky and bailed out a lot.
e. But with some more tips such as bringing my arms up when I go up and down when I do down, just like this….
f. I