Cameras Catching Animals Taking Over During Lockdown

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Animals across the world are taking over the streets that us humans used to dominate. Nature is taking over during this worldwide pandemic and some of these animals look dangerous!

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Humans might have to stay home right now, but that doesn’t mean that animals have to practice social distancing. On the contrary, wild animals are being more social than ever. As city streets are left empty and parks are peacefully quiet, animals are finding ways to casually expand their territory out of forests and mountains. New Orleans is being overrun by hungry rats, and Thailand is now bustling with wild monkeys looking for any tourists to feed them snacks.

As small animals start to take over cities, bigger predators are following them. Alligators have been spotted walking down busy shopping streets in South Carolina, and mountain lions have decided that backyards are just as interesting as the forests. Coyotes are finding some relaxation time in San Francisco--and wolves aren’t too far behind them. There are even crazy and questionable stories coming out, like Putin setting free lions and tigers to keep people inside in Russia--but there’s a lot of facts to debunk here.

Check out this video for 10 of the strangest and most dangerous animals taking over now that humans have taken a break.

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