40 Character Skins & 10 Stage Skins | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Showcase #4 (Mod Friday)

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Welcome to Ultimate Mod Fridays! This series takes a look at over 30 custom skins and 10 stage skins for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch! This series will be uploaded around every other Friday. If you would like your mod showcased in the next episode send me your mods to my Twitter and you'll get a shout out in the video when your mod gets showcased:

Shout outs to Karma for sending me their mod on Twitter! Check them out:

Special thanks to MasterOfHyrule for letting use clips of his Ultimate Fortnite Dance video, full video:

⭐ BONUS: 150 Characters in Brawl doing Michael Jackson's Billie Jean Dance! (Includes nearly every playable characters from Ultimate.):

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--- 00:16 Sakura Battlefield:
Builder Luigi:
Shinobi Pacman:
Wild Ken:
Kart ROB:
- 🎵 Battlefield | Smash Bros. Wii U

--- 01:50 Boneless Destination:
Fighting Wireframe Little Mac:
Brawl Mario:
Brawl Luigi:
Brawl Yoshi:
- 🎵 Boss Battle 1 | Smash Bros. Brawl

--- 03:23 Skull Tower Omega Pirate Ship:
Outset Toon Link:
Kafei Majora's Mask Young Link:
Phantom Ganon:
Wii U Link:
- 🎵 Windfall Island: Zelda: Wind Waker

--- 05:05 Ice Blue Island (Regular):
Goomba Mario:
Alpharad's Mario:
Count Bleck:
⭐ Persona 5 Stars Joker:
- 🎵 Renzor - New Super Mario Bros. 2

--- 06:38 Vaporcave Offensive:
Mario Golf Wario:
Crono Hero:
Rainbow Sonic:
Google Chrom:
- 🎵 All Star Rest Area | Smash Bros. Brawl (Radio Filter Added)

--- 8:17 Rosethorn Stadium:
Super Mario Party Waluigi:
Lightning McQueen Blue Falcon:
Mugman Mii Gunner:
Freddy Fazbear:
- 🎵 Gusty Gluch Adventure - Paper Mario 64

--- 10:10 Autumn City:
Tali'Zorah (Mass Effect):
Smash 4 Sonic with Remastered SOAP Shoes:
Melee Fox:
Chiaki Nanami Inkling:
- 🎵 Mapple Treeway | Mario Kart Wii

--- 11:56 Sunset Wily Castle:
Steven Universe:
Big Boss (MGS3):
Reckless Safety Notice Guy:
- 🎵 Dr. Wily's Castle | Megaman 2

--- 13:36 Red Tomodachi Life:
Lingering Will:
- 🎵 Clothing Shop | Tomodachi Life

--- 15:29 Ultra Ball Stadium 2:
Buff Doge:
Optimus Prime:
Woody over Joker:
- 🎵 Contest! | Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

--- 17:26 🎵 Default Dance | Fortnite

--- 18:30 Ganondorf's Billie Jean Dance:
- 🎵 DJ B | Paper Mario: Origami King

Blue Mii Gunner Effects:
Sans Voice:
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