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Do you love candy, lollipops and sweets? If the answer's yes, you need to watch this stunning compilation showing how they're made! It's so satisfying to not only eat them, but also to watch how they're produced!

Hercules Candy Company is an old-fashioned candy store that was founded over 100 years ago. Keeping family traditions, now it's run by Steve and Terry Andrianos. Candy making is an art form for them, and nowadays they make candy the way it was made in the early 1900s - all by hand, without any machines. When purchasing this candy, people also buy a piece of history!

These artisans also create a staggering array of hand-made chocolates – from the traditional to the very unusual. The traditional favorites include chocolate drops and almond bark. They're famous for small-batch, hand-crafted assorted chocolates, which are beautifully decorated.

Heartland Candies is a family-owned business, their lollipop production division was set up in 1897 by the Luce family in California. It was acquired by this company in 2011. Heartland Candies has tried to maintain the tradition of lollipop making from generations-old secret recipes. Take a look behind the scenes of how these sweet treats are made!


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