This Youtuber Is Exploiting Youtubers Deaths For Views (Grant Thompson)

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An other day, an other trashy youtuber that needs to be stopped. Today we take a look at the "youtuber" Swag adam. This youtuber exploits the king of random's death for views and you can see from titles such as " Grant Thompson SUCKS - WORST YOUTUBER EVER " and the classic " Grant Thompson Rap (DISS) " Swag adam and Goldencookiety are the worst youtubers of all time, no doubt about it. Swag adam rant.

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►Thousands of YouTubers Are Exploiting Deaths For Views (Grant Thompson, Cameron Boyce, Etika, etc.)


► This YouTuber Exploits Celebrity Deaths For Views (Grant Thompson, Etika, Cameron Boyce, etc.)


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