Grant Thompson Paramotor Death and Others Explained In Detail By World's Best PPG Pilot

Dell Schanze
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Dell Schanze addresses the recent death of famous Youtuber Grant Thompson AKA King Of Random in a paramotor crash.

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WHY? Things happen quickly while flying. Your wing can collapse faster then you can even lookup. If you are in a position where the wing collapses and you do not respond quick enough, you can and will crash. Without the reflexes and muscle memory to respond without thinking about it, you will be too slow.

Unfortunately, we see this time and time again, where newer pilots who do not have the right training, cannot respond fast enough to collapses and end up crashing into the ground.


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WHY? Simple, a safe glider like the Dominator is much more difficult to collapse and once collapsed it will quickly recover without any pilots corrections and without changing direction.

Uncertified, and unsafe gliders are not designed to prevent collapses and recover quickly and safely. In a collapse, unsafe gliders will spin a complete 180 facing you right into the ground. If the pilot was too low upon taking the collapse, they will fly straight into the ground at upwards of 50mph.


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The Flat Top Ninja is built with: Spinal protection, faceplant and body protection, propeller protection, riser twist prevention, quick-release harness, and more. The Flat Top Ninja is the safest all around paramotor while also being the top-performing paramotor ever built.

How does the Flat Top achieve such safety? The Flat Top was designed and built with safety in mind.

18 inches of specially designed crumple zone under the pilot built to crush, crumple, and absorb energy on impact.

16-inch solid aluminum comfort bars in front of the pilot built to keep the weight of the paramotor on the pilot.

Tightly woven kevlar netting riveted onto the strongest frame, built to protect the pilot from getting into the propeller.

22-inch wide secured hook-in points to prevent pilots from being able to get riser twists.

A single pull, quick-release harness to allow pilots to quickly escape from their paramotors upon a water landing.

The Flat Top Ninja is the #1 safest paramotor in the entire world. How could it possibly hurt to fly only the safest gear?


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