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Test how attentive your brain is with these tricky riddles with answers! Solve these riddles every day to become smarter! Solving riddles on a daily basis is the fastest way to improve your logic, intelligence, and critical thinking. You don't have to solve them for hours! Solving puzzles for 20 minutes a day is enough :)

00:14 - Was it a suicide? A blood-freezing crime riddle for the cold-minded detectives! Turn on your logical skills and get ready to start!
01:54 - A tricky riddle with a blood-freezing answer! Can you find the truth before the time is up?
03:31 - This is an impossible one if your IQ is below 100🕵 If you can solve this case without looking up in the answer, you're really a genius! So, focus on the task and watch carefully. Don't miss even a small detail and consider each crazy idea and you will get the answer!
05:55 - If you've got lost underground, it's only your logical thinking that can help you survive. Let's see who's able to find the right way and get away with this situation. This is a tricky logic riddle with answer 90% of people fail to solve. Just imagine, if it was real, 90% would die in the underground tunnels😱
07:00 - This popular riddle on escape turns out to be a hard riddle for those who can't process information fast enough and who don't have an ability to spot all the details (I always miss one or two details). I'm sure you don't belong to this group and this popular riddle on escape will be a piece of cake for you! 🍰
08:03 - Try this hard riddle on escape to challenge your brain and boost your logical thinking! You should be a truly smart and educated person to choose the right way (yeah, I'm not kidding!). So focus your mind and try to remember everything you learned in school😉
09:03 - A tricky logic riddle only a genius or a psycho can crack (so you're unlikely to get upset if you fail, huh?). Anyway, this brain teaser's going to boost your logic and make you think outside the box so it's definitely worth trying. Have you found any other ways out of prison?
10:16 - Three levels! How many of them would you pass? A set of picture puzzles to wow your brain and boost your logical thinking!
11:41 - This is a riddle based on a true story so you have a chance to know if you're smarter than an experienced criminal. Can you find out which girl is going to escape? Think carefully as it's a mission-impossible level riddle😉
12:46 - Who is lying? Who is right? 🤔 Test your logic with this tricky brain teaser ;)

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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