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MTV's Jackass is America's original show of pranks, stunts, and gross-out antics, and it's still the best. But fans of the series know it's about more than just bodily fluids and crotch injuries. Whether they're racing down hills in shopping carts or dressing up as senior citizens to flash people, the guys behind the stunts remain the show's consistent draw. They felt like people who liked each other's company, despite how much delight they took seeing each other in pain. Since the series ended and the cast went their separate ways, it's been easy to lose track of what everyone from the show's been up to. Here's what the guys behind Jackass have been doing with their lives...

Johnny Knoxville | 0:43
Steve-O | 1:40
Jason 'Wee-Man' Acuña | 2:36
Ryan Dunn | 3:11
Bam Margera | 3:48
Preston Lacy | 4:52
Chris Pontius | 5:25
Dave England | 5:56
Ehren McGhehey | 6:28

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