The FINAL Stimulus Bill: Stimulus Checks Dead? Senate Leader Confirms Only One More Stimulus Bill

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The final stimulus bill with news about stimulus check updates is here. The Senate has CONFIRMED that there will be one final stimulus bill. But what is in the stimulus bill? When will the stimulus pass?

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Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has confirmed that there will be just one last stimulus bill. He said:

“We’re taking a careful look at a fourth and final bill. You could anticipate the decision being made on whether to go forward in about a month. And it will be narrowly crafted, designed to help us where we are a month from now, not where we were three months ago.”

So there are a few key things to know about the upcoming stimulus checks and stimulus bill. First off, the bill will be voted on in about a month, which means late June or early July should be when we find out if you are getting another stimulus check, if pandemic unemployment insurance is extended, or if any other stimulus bill provisions from the HEROES Act are implemented.

Secondly, the Senate bill will be narrowly tailored and written by the Senate. That means that the HEROES Act is not going to pass the Senate.

HOWEVER, perhaps some of the HEROES Act provisions will make it in to the final stimulus bill.

It is also likely that the Back to Work Bonus of $450 will be implemented in some fashion in the stimulus bill instead of stimulus checks. The Senate and White House have shown support for the Back to Work bonus.

Also, it looks like extension of the $600 per week in pandemic unemployment insurance is dead. But if you are on state unemployment insurance, you can still collect that for up to 13 weeks longer than your state unemployment insurance max up to 39 weeks in most states.

The Senate also stated that the stimulus bill will be much smaller than the HEROES Act.

The Senate wants to include liability protection for doctors and other businesses from any pandemic lawsuits. This is so that businesses can open back up quickly without fear of being sued.

Overall, it appears that there will be no $2,000 per month stimulus checks, $1,000 per week stimulus checks, or anything else like that.

How do you feel that there will be just one last stimulus bill, and that the stimulus checks will likely not be in the stimulus bill? Comment below!

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