PZ9 Melvin is Back Song - Spy Ninjas 🥳 (Official Music Video) Chad Wild clay Vy Qwaint Daniel Melvin

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🎶 The official song to turn PZ9 back into Melvin 🎵

Come Back Chad - Spy Ninjas (Official Music Video) Vy Qwaint, Daniel, Regina, Melvin & CWC on Guitar

After Chad Wild Clay made the video "GOODBYE CHAD (Song Challenge to DIY Official Music Video & Surprising Best Friend CWC for 24 Hours)", Vy Qwaint created "VY QWAINT vs HACKERS in Rap Battle Royale! Spy Ninjas Compete in Rapping Roast Diss Track Challenge", Regina filmed "VY & REGINA SING & DANCE Viral TikTok Challenge to Hack Boring Chad - Disco Official Music Video", and Daniel uploaded "FIX BORING CHAD by Singing a Song & Creating DIY Spy Ninjas Rock Band Music Video w/ Daniel & Melvin" to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, Daniel and Melvin went on a mission and become best friends again! During the adventure, they came across a new invention called the Transloser! It zapped Chad and took away her personality! We tried singing and rapping to create a music video parody like Chad use to do! Like the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and This Is How We Do days! Melvin and Daniel made an awesome rock n roll music video but it failed. Vy and Regina made a funky disco song as they went in disguise as an undercover Weird Al. That also did not work! After a Rap Battle Royale with the Project Zorgo Hackers, PZ 314, PZ Funf, PZ 409, and PZ 715 we learned that teamwork might be the missing element we need! All the Spy Ninjas banned together and made an epic music video, which cured Chad! He is no longer boring! Chad wants Melvin back in the Spy Ninjas because he helped save Chad. All the Spy Ninja have to agree, and if Melvin collects all 4 dog tags, he will become a Spy Ninjas again. videos in 2020!


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★Chad Wild Clay Is Project Zorgo! + Project Zorgo Face Reveal - CWC, Vy Qwaint, & Daniel Unmasking Project Zorgo

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CHAD WILD CLAY is trying to UNMASKING PROJECT ZORGO! - and also we are trying our best to Unmasking/Revealing Project Zorgo!