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00:00 - How is this possible? A tricky brain teaser to wake up your logic!
00:37 - Who are they? This puzzle will boost your brain!
01:11 - How many children do they have? Test your math skills :)
01:37 - This logic puzzle will make you think hard!
02:06 - What are they doing there? Another tricky puzzle!
02:36 - How he does it? Test your IQ!
03:08 - Test your logic with this brainy puzzle ;)
03:33 - How is this possible? Boost your brain power!
04:04 - Let's test your logical thinking with this IQ riddle!
04:46 - Another brain-boosting teaser to solve :)
05:19 - How can this be? Increase your logical skills!
05:50 - How is it possible? Another tricky puzzle!
06:21 - Which one has the most? A difficult teaser!
06:52 - Which one to choose? A difficult choice riddle!
07:34 - How is this possible? Boost your analytical thinking!
08:06 - How did he know? Try to guess before the time is up!
08:35 - This math puzzle will boost your brain :)
08:59 - What did he say? This brain teaser will make you think hard!
09:48 - How did you spot it? A tricky puzzle to speed up your thinking!
10:27 - This logic riddle will test your smarts!
10:56 - A bonus question! Which door would you choose to survive? SHARE your OPINION!

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