2021 NFL Mock Draft

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Check out our latest 2020 NFL Mock Draft. Andrew Erickson is launches his way-too-early 2021 NFL Mock draft using the Las Vegas over/under win loss odds. In this version, we are running through a two round NFL mock draft. Armed with a strong blend of NCAA football and schematic fits for NFL Teams, Andrew puts the nation’s best college football players on the best NFL team fit.

Also, if you’re interested in Fantasy Football, check out the Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide Here:

Predicting NFL picks isn’t an exact science and the NFL Mock Draft 2020 version is no exception, but he brings the heat when predicting his NFL picks. Be sure to check out our Mock Draft Central where we will be keeping track of all the 2020 NFL Mock Draft and 2020 NFL Draft news. We will also be updating in light of the 2020 NFL Off Season news.

We will be updating our NFL Mock Draft regularly and get you the biggest news with regards to nfl draft rumors, the latest nfl mock drafts, mel kiper’s mock draft reaction, todd mcshay mock reaction, nfl draft prospects and more. I can’t wait for the nfl combine and we’ll keep the nfl draft order up to date as well.


00:55 - Jacksonville Jaguars
01:13 - Washington Redskins
01:54 - Cincinnati Bengals
02:18 - Carolina Panthers
02:45 - NY Jets
03:23 - NY Giants
03:48 - Detroit Lions
04:35 - Miami Dolphins
05:30 - Miami Dolphins (again)
06:03 - Denver Broncos
06:33 - Atlanta Falcons
07:13 - Arizona Cardinals
07:45 - Chicago Bears
08:15 - Las Vegas Raiders
09:05 - Cleveland Browns
09:40 - Tennessee Titans
10:39 - Jacksonville Jaguars
11:25 - Minnesota Vikings
11:38 - Los Angeles Chargers
12:20 - Pittsburgh Steelers
12:58 - Indianapolis Colts
13:30 - New England Patriots
14:08 - Buffalo Bills
14:50 - Green Bay Packers
15:18 - Philadelphia Eagles
15:45 - Seattle Seahawks
16:28 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
17:04 - Dallas Cowboys
17:30 - New Orleans Saints
18:15 - San Francisco 49ers
18:59 - Baltimore Ravens
19:45 - Kansas City Chiefs

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