Day 4 Yoga at your desk 5 day challenge - office yoga for hips, knees and legs

Dr Marion Bevington
Howto & Style 8:58
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269 1 0 This video gives tips and techniques to help release stress and tension in the ankles and hips, this will also impact your legs and knees.
The first video in the 5 day Challenge :

On day 4 of the Yoga at Your Desk 5 day challenge,Cheryl and I purposely created these videos in her working environment and she is dressed in her regular (and rather sexy) clothes and big black boots! This is to help you understand how yoga can be done in any situation and can become part of your lifestyle regardless of the fact that you can't make it to yoga class, wether you think you are not flexible enough and are too stiff for yoga, you don't even have a yoga mat, or any yoga pants! Maybe you've never done yoga before.. all of these reasons do prevent people from ever trying yoga and yet Cheryl had stated all of those reasons before we made these videos, and on Day 5's video you'll hear how much she has enjoyed our yoga at your desk routines and how she feels she as benefited from them.

The bottom-line paradox: Personally you want to firm up your bottom line but for business expansion is the goal!
Corporate Yoga for todays busy office workers and modern business.

A new and unique business service building resilience in the workforce and generating more income through increased productivity.

The pace of change in todays technology driven world can create so much stress and fear that negatively impact any business' bottom line, they also have produces far more sedentary lifestyles for the majority of employes and executives.
Learn to relax, manage your stress, stay cool calm and collected under pressure, improve your mood, have better relationships and have great fun all day every day. This will make you more productive, will improve your performance in all areas of your life.

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Another few yogic stretches you can do when you have a break at the office to target your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck.

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