DIY: HOW To MAKE HOMEMADE Incredible GLOW IN THE DARK Bouncy Balls With Borax!

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Do it Youself (DIY) Homemade Bouncy Balls that not only Glows in the Dark, but they actually bounce!! This recipe is so simple and easy..all you need:

1/2 Cup of Warm Water
1 Tbsp of Borax
1 Tbsp of Cornstarch
2 Tbsp of White Liquid Glue
1 tsp Glow in the Dark Paint
Food Coloring


1. In a cup mix water and Borax
1. Mix Glue, Cornstarch, paint and food coloring
3. Pour glue mixture into Borax/Water mixture
4. Let sit for 10-15 seconds
5. Use a fork to take out the "soon to be ball"
6. Roll in your hands to make a ball
7. Try it out! Bounce it around and in the dark!!

Tip: Don't bounce your ball too hard or it may flatten a bit....but if it does, don't worry as you can mould it back into a ball.