90s Kids Skateboarding And Hanging Out (1994)

Len Enders
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In the early 90s in Port Townsend, Washington, there wasn’t yet a skate park (that was still like 10 years away), so oftentimes kids would congregate in the now defunct Port Townsend Bay Variety parking lot or the nearby Ferry Terminal parking lot to skate.

Kids would skate, hang out, smoke cigs, or possibly dip down to the beach to sip beers and make plans for the night.
Every now and then a tourist would get mad, or a store owner would call the cops and everyone would have to move along.

Here’s a brief look back at the scene on a random spring afternoon in the former PT Bay Variety parking lot on Water Street.

Filmed on May 19th, 1994 in Port Townsend, Washington.

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