Ideas for Nostalgic Candies - Candies From Your Childhood

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Ideas for Nostalgic Candies - Candies From Your Childhood - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Talking about a walk down memory lane, we also have several nostalgic candies that people recognize from when they were kids. Valomilks here are two marshmallow cups and if you like marshmallow and you like chocolate, these are probably the most pure that you could find. Now the interesting thing about valomilk is that these little guys are still made today on the original machinery that was developed to make these back in the early nineteen hundreds and they are so delicate and so pure that these little guys also wont ship during the hot months of the year because they cant withstand the heat. So you can usually find them in the cooler months and when you find them, make sure you buy them.

Another nostalgic candy of course, everybody remembers these from when they were a kid, are these little wax bottles. Chew off the top, drink the liquid and throw the bottle away. Every adult today remembers these from when they were a kid and even kids today love having these little bottles as a treat. Of course everyone remembers candy and bubble gum cigarettes. These fun candies are still around today and are still as popular, if not more popular then they were when were kids. The candy cigarettes are still made the same way, with the little sugar dusting that looks like a real cigarette and the bubble gum cigarettes are also still made the same way, with the little paper around the bubble gum and you put the little bubble gum stick up to your mouth and blow out and the little sugar dusting blows out and it looks like a real cigarette. Maybe not so popular with some parents because of the fact they look like cigarettes but still really really fun candies to have.

Another fun candy are these googoo clusters. Googoo clusters production actually stopped several years ago and earlier this year they just started making these again. These are delicious little mounds of peanuts, chocolate, caramel and marshmallow. A lot of people from the south remember these. So when they come in our store, they buy them in six or seven at a time because these are really hard to find and super delicious. Then of course, who could forget nostalgic gum. Some of the gums that we grew up with as kids are not in production anymore. But these guys are and the interesting thing about the clove, blackjack and beemans group of nostalgic gums is that these also stop production each year, in the beginning of the year. They usually come available toward the end of the year, toward the holidays. So my advice to you is that when you are out buying candy and you see these, if you like these gums, make sure you buy them because once they are gone, they are gone.