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One Second Everyday or 1SE has been incredible this last year.

365 Days
732 Instrumental Lessons
80 Gigs
49 Rehearsals
4 Haircuts
and 1 Miniature Dachshund.


I realise it’s impossible to truly get a sense of someone’s year (or life) by watching one second videos all in a row, but it's probably closer than you imagine.

I started doing this a year ago because I thought it would be a cool thing to do, not because I think what I do it particularly spectacular or extraordinary - I just think it's kind of interesting. I tried to choose each 'second' based on two things -

• It was the best moment of the day.
• It was the moment which best summed up the day.

I have not gone out of my way to make my life seem super cool or exciting, or picked 'seconds' specifically to get more views. I really just filmed stuff between my 24th and 25th birthday and chose the 'seconds' based on the two things above.

Not that I want to make this some sort of huge deal, but I learned a lot by doing this micro-vlog and watching it back. It's both funny and scary to see the seasons change and my hair grow. Somedays were incredibly interesting, and made choosing one single second incredibly difficult. Other days were painfully mundane. I guess that's kind of what happens over the weeks/months/years. I find I remember a whole lot more having done this - even just small times we easily take for granted in the moment, but seem grander when I watch it fly past in a second. Most of all, it seems the majority of the video is me laughing/others laughing, and if that's what the majority of my life looks like, that surely can't be a bad thing (even if it is a terrible, annoying laugh - I do apologise).

My favourite 'seconds' are probably on 20th June, 27th September, 12th October and 14th January (not that that'll make sense to anybody). Let me know your favourite ones in the comments below, I am genuinely interested!


[For the eagle eyed viewers, yes some of the 'seconds' are in fact 1.5 seconds - I'm afraid some moments just need that extra 0.5 to tell the story. That would be why the video is closer to 9 minutes as opposed to 6 minutes (as well as the obvious last clip extending it somewhat)].

The app used was 1 Second Everyday ( which made it really easy to do this. [NB - this is not a paid placement or endorsement, I have been paid nothing to do this, this was just something I wanted to do].

Again, I'm sorry for the laugh..

#lifemovesprettyfast #ifyoudontstopandlookaroundonceinawhile


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