How To Tie Dye

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What up!! So today I'm going to show you how to tie dye...

So I got this little ti dye kit... and I opened it like a monster!

But it came with bottles, the die, gloves, rubber bands, and this cover thing. First thing I did was lay the cover down.

So the white shirts I printed on them front and back.. and if you would like one, you can get one here:

First things just get it wet and ring it out so its damp.

To figure out what colors I wanted to use, I got a practice shirt and just mixed up the initial colors. I tested out the colors on the shirt. From there changed the colors until there were how I wanted them (You want them a little brighter, cause it will fade a bit)

For the blue.. I used this black dye that wasn't meant for tie dying.. so we will see what happens.

So for the first design I did a serial.. and just feathered it out till I got to how I wanted it. then I just put some rubber bands around it.

To get the spiral you are going to do little slices of colors and alternate the colors... then flip the shirt over and do the same color slices in the same places you did it on the front ( so it matches)

You then put it in a bag and let it sit. I let mine sit for 8 or 10 hours.

The black bled and made all the white spaces that turquoise color. But I liked it..

Next one

I dyed the whole shirt the peach color, Put it in the bag let it sit for eight hours, then rinsed it. Then I crumped up the shirt and splashed that black on there, put it in the bag, and let it sit for another 8 hours.

I loved how this one looked.. but because of that black.. it turned the pink purple.. still looked rad but.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

next one.

I dyed the whole shirt blue, let it sit in the bag and rinsed it out.. I didn't like how dark it was so I just soaked the shirt in some bleach. once it got to the color I wanted I put it in hydrogen peroxide.

After washing the shirt. I then scrunched it up and added the rubber bands.. then dyed it with the blue green dye.

Romy also did one. she did a spiral thing where she made every other slice a rainbow and left slices in between white.. (she didn't like it really though haha)

If you wanted a white on white shirt.. you can get em here:

T shirt:
Tie Dye Kit:

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