Woman Confronts Mom For Letting Her Suffer ‘Years, And Years, And Years’ Of Abuse

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“Growing up, my mom’s current husband, Dave, was extremely abusive to me. The abuse was really, extremely physical and terrifying,” says Danielle. “Dave would always put my mom in a position where my mom would have to choose between Dave or myself, and she would always choose Dave right in front of me.”

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Danielle claims the abuse lasted for years, and her mom witnessed him hitting her and would only step in so that her husband wouldn’t get himself in trouble. “It would usually get to a point where she would say, ‘Dave, stop. She is going to call the police on you.’ She was trying to protect Dave from getting in trouble than from him hurting her own daughter. I felt so unprotected.”

Danielle says that any time she tries to talk to her mother about her childhood, she says her mother becomes defensive. On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Danielle confronts Janet about the abuse she claims went on for “years, and years, and years.” See what happens in the video above.

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On Thursday, hear why Danielle and her siblings say Janet caused her daughter’s wedding to turn into a disaster. Will Janet take accountability? Check here to see where you can tune in.

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