10 Min Standing Yoga Sequence for the Office - Great to do with Coworkers!

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You need a break! You have been sitting at your desk for hours and your neck and back (the entire back) are singing with discomfort.

Get up and get your coworkers together to do this 10 minute standing sequence.

You may not be wearing workout clothes, but that shouldn't be a problem. I did this one wearing a dress and glasses :) Plus, this yoga sequence is not intended to get you sweaty, only for you to get a nice STRETCH, to RELEASE any TENSION that has built up in the neck and RELIEVE SORENESS in the back.

This is a standing series, so we only be doing standing yoga poses like pyramid, tree and standing pigeon. It's best if you remove your shoes and find a surface that you wont slip on. If you are wearing a short skirt, I would suggest finding a wall.

Let's hop to it! #feelingbettereveryday