Our Daily Routine during this lockdown | How to be Productive being at home?

Diya Madhubrata Dey
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Hey All,

Here's what we have been doing these days. A regular Day in the my life. Hope you like it. :-)

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Some objects of desire: (since you guys asked): (I will add more links once the lockdown is over)

Dutch oven dish (White):

Panasonic blender (Dubai - not available in India):

Electric kettle: (Mine is bought in dubai) - but similar one in India:

Some of my knifes:

Ikea knifes:

Gear I use:

Camera I use:


On Camera microphone:

Lapel Microphone:

Voice over Mic:

My new professional voice over mic:

On Camera Lights:


Larger Tripod:

Manfrotto PIXI mini Tripod:

My latest tripod for overhead shots:

My new Mirrorless low light prime lens:

Music: Epidemic sounds